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Ways to Prevent House Lockout

Ways to Prevent House Lockout

Only those who have been locked out of their homes at some point in their lives could describe how frustrating and dispiriting the experience was. And by being here, chances are you are currently being faced with the situation. And this is making you look for ways to make sure that such an occurrence never repeats itself again.
Just think for a second how it feels or would feel to be unable to access your abode just because a simple metal device called a key got lost or your lock suddenly went bad.
Well, to make sure you never got locked out of your home again, this blog provides 4 useful tips you’re going to find helpful. If you’ve never dealt with a home lockout, you’ll also find this resource useful. Without further ado, let’s get right into what to do to prevent home lockout now or in the future.

Hide the Keys

Stashing your key or a spare in a good place could be the right solution for home lockout. Examples of safe areas to hide entry door keys include a concealed location in the garden, electrical panel, or inside a fake ornament or a similar object.
But if you’re considering this option, make sure not to hide the key near the front door. Most thieves know that house keys are often hidden inside a nearby flowerpot, under a doormat, or inside an unobstructed hollow plastic rock. Remember that you may expose yourself to burglary or theft if you hide your keys in an easy-to-guess spot.

Keep Your Keys with Someone

If you have a family member living nearby, congratulations. You can simply make a spare of the key to your entry lock and give it to them. In case you somehow lost your own copy, you can quickly call them and get back into your home. An alternate option is to issue a copy of your key to a neighbor you really trust with trust being the keyword here.
Someone who is not trustworthy might actually not steal your belongings behind your back but could just enter your home and spy on your possessions, and this could lead to envy. 

Keep an Eye Out For Bad Locks

Not only a lost key or one that is left on the inside could cause a home lockout. You may also be denied access to your home if the entry lock went bad. But often, a failing lock would provide signs before a total failure. To prevent a mere lock that has gone bad to lock you out of your precious home, try to have a competent residential locksmith who will periodically inspect and maintain the locks. 

Go Keyless

Electronic keypad locks and smart locks bring redemption to the forgetful homeowner known for misplacing their keys or leaving them keys back at home. If you’re someone who has a hard time remembering where you left your keys, you may want to upgrade your current entry door lock to a keyless entry. This way, you will be dealing with electronic keys (codes and pins) instead of physical metal keys. And if you can’t just do without a metal key, there are keyless entry lock options on the market that are also equipped with keyed entry.

Hopefully, the above tips from the experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro helped you see ways to avoid future home lockout or even prevent it from happening now. To get a spare for your key, upgrade your lock, or for any other locksmith solutions, you can rely on the expertise of our licensed and insured locksmiths at Birmingham Locksmith Pro. Call us today to see how we can help you.