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What is a Transponder Key?

The transponder or chipped keys come with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip inside the head of the key. The word transponder is made up of two words- transmitter and responder. This unique technology was introduced in 1995. Ever since it penetrated the market, the demand has increased tremendously because almost all the new cars have a transponder key.

The success of the transponder key technology made it to be adopted by home security system manufacturers. So what exactly are transponders and how do they operate?

How Transponder Keys Work?

Every operation of the transponder is based on the RFID (in the head of the key) which transmits a low-level signal from the key to the receiver in the car. Each transponder key is programmed with a unique serial number matching up to the digital serial number in the car. The car only unlocks when it identifies the correct serial number.

Literally, it is impossible to hot-wire or open cars with transponder keys. This is because the transponder and the receiver use RFID technology for all communication making it difficult for the engine to start without the correct key.

Types of Transponder Keys

All transponder keys have one thing in common, a chip inside them. Manufacturers just make different kinds and sizes and so there are many options available now.

  • Remote Flip Key/Remote Head Key

This is a key that comes with a remote as a single unit and was invented to make carrying your car keys convenient for you.

  • Regular Transponder Key:

Regular transponder keys are found in older vehicles, the remote usually comes as a separate unit.

  • Fobik Chip Key:

The Fobik chip key is a kind of transponder key that comes with a metal blade for the door lock inside it.

Is My Car Key a Transponder Key?

The transponder and remote keys look very similar to each other. Most times, it takes the expertise of a competent locksmith to differentiate them. One of the ways to know if it is a transponder key you have is to check for the security light on the key. Some security lights are easy to spot while others require you to turn the key in the ignition cylinder. If you are not sure, you can always contact the local dealer or an auto locksmith for guidance. They will be able to tell you if your car key is a transponder key and where the security light is.

What Happens If You Lose Your Transponder Key?

If your transponder key gets spoilt, missing, or stolen not to worry it can always be replaced by following the steps below:

  • Get your car's VIN and also note the model and year of the car.
  • Get your driver's license and car documents prepared.
  • Contact the nearest auto locksmith to have the new one made.
  • Get the invoice and pay.

Only follow the process and you will get a replacement for your transponder key – it is as simple as that.

Final Notes

We believe you have had a glimpse idea of what a transponder key is and how it works. If you plan to get your transponder key replaced or reprogrammed then, contact a locksmith from Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We are always ready to fix, replace and reprogram transponder keys. And our mobile locksmiths can deliver the service at your location.