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What To Do If You’re Locked Out of Your House

Picture this, you have a difficult day at the office and all you want to do is get back home, take a warm bath and a nap. You may even have imagined grabbing yourself some dinner on your way home, sitting on your sofa, and watching your favorite TV Series. Now that you have gotten through the most difficult part of the day, you reach your pocket and suddenly realize that your keys are missing.

Being locked out of your house can be a frustrating experience. Getting locked out of houses is more common than you think and if it happens to you, keep in mind that there are several ways to regain access to your home.

The first and safest option is to contact a residential locksmith service provider like Birmingham Locksmith Pro for a lockout service. This way, you don’t have to try any DIY approach that could damage your door lock.

Locked Out of Your House? Do This

There are a variety of locks out there. Hence, the hack that would unlock a door might not work for another. Some locks have locking pins at the top of their home doors while others closing press buttons in their door’s grip.

Here are different hacks you could use to unlock your door when you are locked out of your house:

Use a Tension Wrench

Having lock smashing tools around is a smart move. The tools contain gears that you could use to successfully pick locks. To unlock your door, place the tension wrench in the bottom of the keyhole and apply mild pressure. Insert your pick at the top of the keyhole. Scrub your pick back and forth as you apply mild torque to your tension wrench. Repeat the movements until all pins are set and your door is unlocked.

Use a Plastic Card

The plastic card technique will only work if your lock has a spring mechanism. So, you might need to try another approach if your entrance door uses a deadbolt locking mechanism. You can use your debit card or any other plastic card for this process. All you need to do is slip your plastic card or debit card between your entrance door and its frame. The card will push the spring-operated latch backward to unlock your door.

Use a Master Key

This option works when there is a master key system in your property. A master key could unlock your door and help you regain access to your home. Most residential apartments around the world use pin-based security locks. A pin-based lock is a spring-loaded lock that uses pins to secure its locking mechanism. To unlock this kind of lock, the key teeth must align with the pins and then twist.

Final Words

It is always safer to contact a professional locksmith service provider like Birmingham Locksmith Pro for a lockout service than to try to DIY. A locksmith has the required skill sets and gear needed to unlock your house doors without causing any form of damage to your locks. If you do not have any experience picking locks contacting a locksmith is your safest option.