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When Should You Change Your Home's Locks?

Safety is everyone’s priority. No one wants a ransacked or burgled home. To prevent home burglary and other heartbreaking events, homeowners rely on their locks and security system for protection.

This is because the basic line of defense for every home is the locks on its exterior doors. Irrespective of the technological advancement in home security systems locks still play a vital role in keeping criminals or intruders away from your house. 

Unlike other home features, residential door locks don't have to be changed or maintained every other day. Nevertheless, there are scenarios where you have to change your locks and hire a locksmith to install a new one. In this article, we would be looking at some of these situations when you need to install new locks. 

You Purchased a New House

Moving into a new house comes with much tasks. From clearing out your things in the old house to setting up the decor in the new home, you would have many activities on your schedule. However, you might skip changing the lock but can't tell the number of copies of the key that is out there. So to be on the safe side, hire Birmingham Locksmith Pro for the lock installation or replacement.

Changing makes your home more secure – meaning that the former homeowners, their friends, or relatives will not have access to your home.

Loss Keys

As painful as it may seem, you should not beat yourself up too much when an unfortunate event happens. This applies to losing or misplacing the keys to your apartment or house. The next step should be getting the locks replaced so that you have a new set of keys. Why? You cannot tell who has access to the keys. A burglar or criminal may have found the keys and you wouldn't want them breaking into your home to steal valuables or harm your loved ones. 

And in some cases, the key might have been stolen. That's a sign that your home might be attacked soon. Hiring a locksmith for lock replacement or installation will ensure no one can have unauthorized access to your home.

After a Break in

A home break-in or an attempted break-in is an unpleasant experience that you do not deserve in the first place. However, you have to prevent such attacks from occurring again by installing new locks in the home. The existing locks are already damaged or tampered with and you can't depend on them to provide you with the needed security. If your home has been broken into, you are vulnerable to future attacks except you are proactive about the security of your home.

Your Locks Are Almost Worn Out

You shouldn't wait till your locks start malfunctioning before you hire a service provider for a replacement. Remember, consistent use weakens the components and functions of the lock. And daily wear and tear can make the lock easy to pick. Once a lock has been in use for a long time, you should change it and install a new one. Because older locks can be easily damaged by criminals, giving them access to your home. So, by installing new locks, you maintain the security of your home, and Birmingham Locksmith Pro is ready to help.