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Why do Businesses Rekey Their Locks?

Keeping your business successful involves a number of responsibilities, from ensuring the daily running of activities, maximizing profit, and coordinating employees. Additionally, an important responsibilities is to keep your business secure against intruders or those who might try to steal from or destroy it.

That is why compromising the security of your business and employees safety is not an option. If you purchase an old business building that has previously been operational, it is possible that the keys may still be in circulation. While many may opt to have all the locks replaced, however, rekeying is a cheaper and equally effective option.

You will understand the core concept of rekeying and why it is a better option for most businesses.

What Is Rekeying a lock?

Rekeying a lock is a straightforward procedure that allows a different key to function in the same lock. It is done by altering the internal mechanism or pins of the lock. Rekeying the lock will make the previous key inoperable.

Reasons Why Businesses Rekey Locks

Location Changes

A new building is packed with possibilities, but one of them does not have to be low-quality security. Having the whole building rekeyed is a means of starting without having security concerns over former tenants, workers, or others who may have possession of a key. Having the locks in a new location rekeyed will also give the locksmith a chance to look over the existing hardware to ensure it is reliable and worth keeping.

If the locksmith feels a piece of hardware falls short of minimum standards, it can be replaced at that time, thus saving a problem down the road when it may not occur at a convenient time.

Disallowing access from a Disgruntled Ex-staff

Businesses evolve, and with it comes personnel change, where some employees may be laid off. Sometimes this laid-off staff may hold resentment against your business, despite efforts to let them go amicably. Hence, it is best to have all locks rekeyed as an unhappy employee may be in possession of the keys and can break in or hand them to someone who will.

Rekeying your locks after laying off employees will improve your security and ensure that your management has peace of mind regarding their safety and that of other employees.

Lost Key

Rekeying your locks is a way to prevent the security of your business from being compromised. As a business, different keys could be in possession of various employees, who use them to access entry points in the building. However, if a key is lost outside your business or near your property, it poses a security threat as it could fall into the wrong hands.

Get Your Business Secured With Us

Rekeying your locks consistently is a good idea, even if there are no immediate threats to your security. It allows you to reset your security, render duplicate keys ineffective, and prevent unauthorized access.

At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we prioritize the security of your business and take seriously the need to provide utmost security for your business. Contact us today to rekey your locks and upgrade existing ones in case they become outdated. Don't wait until a successful burglary occur. Call us today.