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Why Panic Bars Are Important For Your Business

If you own a business, then you likely have at least heard that you need panic bars. Maybe you haven’t put all that much thought into them, because you have so much to do on a daily basis. Granted, no matter where you might live, you could have the attitude that you could actually leave your doors unlocked at night and not have to worry. This might be the case, but there are forms of security and safety that you will need regardless of how much you trust the people around you. Panic bars are one such solution and the team at Birmingham Locksmith in Birmingham, Alabama has put together information explaining why panic bars are so important. You will also find information explaining more details regarding what a panic bar actually is.

You might already have solutions like safes and locks installed throughout your business property. This is a huge step in the right direction and shows that you are cautious and mindful of the need for security. But have you thought much about a panic bar? Here is more information on what a panic bar is.

Panic Bar: What is it?

You might have heard of the terms crash bar or push bar. These are merely other ways to describe a panic bar. This is a solution which would be taken advantage of during an emergency that requires your employees, customers or of course yourself to exit the building quickly and safely. Some of the dangers that come along with rushing out of a building include getting trampled or falling over. If a large number of people get to one door at the exact same time, it is a given that someone will end up getting injured in one way or another. The severity of course could depend on the situation. But when you have multiple people trying to exit through one small doorway, you have crowds that can end up getting stuck as people struggle to open the door. This is where a panic bar would be helpful.

A panic bar would help to unlock a door during an emergency. If you are looking at panic bars, you will notice that a metal bar is spring-loaded and placed on a door’s interior, when the door opens up towards the outside (bear in mind that some doors open to the inside). Let’s say a person comes into your building with a weapon, or let’s say there is a fire or flooding. People need to be able to leave, and a panic bar can help to eliminate the traffic that would otherwise be stuck at the door. Just think about it – if everyone is halted because one or two people are fumbling with a door knob, you can end up facing a great deal of devastation. You can even have panic bars with alarm systems to alert you to unauthorized access, meaning panic bars serve multiple purposes. You need people to be able to exit your property safely and quickly. If you look into building codes and other relevant information you are going to find that an evacuation route is an absolute necessity for any business, and you could be fined tremendously if you are lacking in this area.

Panic bars can save you money!

Having panic bars set up properly at your commercial property can be a money-saver. How? Because they might allow you to lessen your insurance premium. This is something to think about, to say the least.

Panic bars can save lives

It is true. If you are facing an armed robbery or another dangerous situation, the fast exit for your customers and employees could make a huge difference, and even be the reason for lives being saved.

Call a professional for any further details on panic bars!

Maybe you are interested in learning more about panic bars for your commercial property. You care about your customers, and you truly value and appreciate your employees. You don’t want anything to ever happen to them. Panic bars are one way to make a difference when it comes to your commercial property’s security. There are so many other solutions that you can look into, from the installation of safes and new locks to locks on drawers and cabinets, and even keyless entry. An expert will be able to discuss in further detail any solution that you need. Look up the locksmith in Birmingham that is local to your area. If you are in Birmingham, AL of course you can reach out to Birmingham Locksmith to obtain further information. But regardless of where you live, doing your research and finding a lock and security provider that you can count on will prove to be extremely helpful. Sure, as a business owner, you have a ton to do on your to-do list on any given day. You need to make sure that your property is clean; you need to make sure that all of your daily paperwork is taken care of; you might have a long list of phone calls that have to be made; you have to pay attention to finances; you need to focus on customer service; and so much more. The list never seems to end. But taking care of security is as simple as making one quick phone call to a professional locksmith. You can have one that is local to you come to your property and carry out an inspection. You can tell them if there is anything you are worried about, and they can assist you to the best of their abilities.

Just remember that panic bars are a very important solution to have for any business property. For anyone looking to improve their evacuation exit, or to just better keep track of those coming in and out of a property, look into panic bars and even solutions such as keyless entry. These are things that can make a major difference in how safe your property actually is!