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Why Security Camera Systems Are Important for Landlords

There are responsibilities that come with being a landlord like monitoring facility maintenance, improving space utilization, planning expansion, and helping new residents to settle down. To meet up with some of these responsibilities, most landlords face a myriad of challenges, thereby relegating the maintenance of security systems.

However, when it comes to installing security cameras, there are two distinct schools of thought. Some landlords and property managers believe that installing security cameras and ensuring that there is a robust system in their facility will help deter thieves and mitigate the risk of property damage.

While the other group argues that CCTV installation in residential areas is a violation of tenants' privacy. Therefore, to keep the records straight, here are facts to prove that installing security cameras is important for the safety and security of the landlord, tenants, and visitors to any property.

Deterrence of Criminal Activities

The installation of good cameras and "Cameras in Use" signage at sensitive locations in your facility is an effective psychological deterrence to criminals. Most of the burglars prefer to conceal their activities and identity. Since they cannot avoid the cameras, they will dissuade their plan and your property will be free from vandalism and theft.

The Convenience of Real-Time Monitoring

Having CCTV cameras in your building means that the security personnel can monitor real-time footage of all activities. More so, remote monitoring using smartphones, tablets, and other devices are added feature of advanced cameras. These advanced cameras are integrated with the WiFi network to enable you to view footage from anywhere.

The real-time camera footage is an effective way of protecting lives and properties in residential land commercial buildings.

Monitor Unoccupied Spaces

A vacant rental unit is usually a target for squatters and trespassers. Sometimes, homes that have been on the market for a long time can pose a safety risk of water leakages and malicious damages.

Nevertheless, security cameras will help you keep an eye on every unoccupied space in your property. The landlord can give an account of everything happening on the property while he is not around. This will help the building management to avoid security compromises.

Help Landlords to Deal with Over-Occupancy

Keeping tenants in check will help you solve the problem of overloading or over-occupancy in your property. Tenants seem to misbehave when they notice that they are not monitored. Irresponsible tenants can distract and disturb others in the building. Be assured that the mischievous behavior of some tenants will be reduced once you have an effective security camera in place.

Follow Up With the Activities of Cleaners and Maintenance Staff

You can conveniently curb loitering by plumbers, electricians, or handymen during their duty hours. The security cameras in apartment hallways or on main entrances can help identify the hard working members in your team. Also, the possibility of handymen stealing valuable items from apartments will be in short supply.

A well-placed camera is all you need for janitorial employees to work effectively and to ensure that no one enters any part of your property without the consent of the security guard or facility management.

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