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Why Should You Change Your Locks?

As a home or business owner, you may need to change your locks for various reasons, including moving into a new home, or that they are outdated. Other reasons of changing your locks is to avoid burglary and security enhancement.

Whatever the reason, it is important to understand that failing to change your locks poses a significant security risk that may come with consequences. This article considers why you should change your locks and the negative effects of not doing so.

Locks are an important household accessory. While they enhance the aesthetic of a place, their primary assignment is to provide the first line of defense against burglars and intruders. Today many homes and businesses have been compromised due to weak, outdated and inferior locks.

There are several reasons why you may need to change your locks. When you move into a new home, it is best to change your locks to guarantee security and ensure only you and your family have access to your home.

Changing your locks following a break-in is also critical to keep the intruder from returning. The intruders might have picked locks or used duplicate keys even if they did not break windows or doors. Hence, they might be able to gain entry to your home or business anytime. Furthermore, changing your locks should be done immediately to prevent a security breach if you have misplaced your keys or had them stolen.

Consequences of Not Changing Locks

Old Locks That Provide No Security

Not changing your locks will leave you with old and outdated locks vulnerable to burglary. Old and obsolete locks are easier to pick or force open. This is particularly true for locks that use pins and tumblers, which can be picked with a simple tool called a lockpick. High-security locks, however, have unique keyways that are much harder to pick and often resist brute force attacks.

Unauthorized Access To Strangers

Failure to change your locks may also put your home at risk of being accessed by strangers. In the event that you misplace your keys or have them stolen, it is possible that they fell into the wrong hands of one who plans to gain unauthorized entry to your home someday. This is a huge problem in a high-crime area, as you could easily be burgled, even if you're gone just a short time.

Inability to Restrict Access

In many burglary cases, it is not always a total stranger that gains access to your home or business. There is a possibility the burglar may be someone you know, perhaps, a former tenant, an ex-roommate, or even an ex-spouse who has separated from you. By changing your locks, you are ensuring that only people you trust can access your home. By changing your locks, you are ensuring that only people you trust have access to your home or business.


The importance of changing your locks cannot be overemphasized as it helps provide better security without even investing in other security accessories. Don’t wait till you are a victim of a burglary. Contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro; we offer superior locksmith services and security solutions to help you guarantee all-round security. From lock replacement to repairs and installation, our team of experts are always available to help you anytime. Call us today.