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Why Your Car Remote Isn't Working?

Car remotes are an essential accessory in modern automobiles, as they enhance convenience for drivers. In addition, car remotes boost vehicle security. They do not require a traditional lock that can be picked, and car owners can control the locking mechanism of their car remotely.

However, just like any other electronic device, car key remotes may develop faults and stop working. A car remote may stop working for several reasons. Nevertheless, some of these reasons are easy to check and fix yourself. Most commonly is a dead battery, which is caused by frequent use and can easily be replaced.

If it turns out to be something more serious, your neighborhood automobile locksmith: Birmingham Locksmith Pro, is always available to assist. Let us consider a few reasons why your car remote isn’t working.

Reasons Why Your Car Remote Is Not Working

Dead Batteries

Car remotes are powered primarily by batteries and are connected directly to the transmitter in the key. Usually, Lithium coin batteries are used in car key remotes. These batteries are designed with a long shelf life. As such, they last longer without needing to be replaced. Hence, when these lithium coin batteries grow weak and eventually become dead, they are least suspected as the reason for the non-functioning key. Luckily, batteries are easily accessible and can be replaced in a few minutes. Take our advice, check your car's remote battery first.

Faulty Remote Transmitter or Receiver

Car remotes use transmission and reception as a fundamental communication principle. Car remotes transmit signals to a receiver connected to a car. These signals correspond to a specific activity: lock the car, start the car or set off the alarm.

A broken car remote transmitter cannot communicate with the car's receiver. In other words, a faulty car key remote transmitter may result from exposure to water or shock from a fall. The evidence of a faulty remote transmitter or receiver can be seen when the remote needs to be pressed several times before it takes action and when the remote response is delayed. The issue of a faulty remote transmitter or receiver will require the expertise of a locksmith to be fixed

Physical Damage

Remote controls are designed to be shockproof, but they can be damaged in extreme circumstances. Car key remotes receive a fair amount of physical abuse, and while they are durable, it is possible to still be damaged. As a result, if your car remote stops working after undergoing some sort of physical trauma, internal components have likely been damaged. The internal components most likely to be affected are the battery terminal contacts and the remote buttons.


Most times, fixing a faulty car remote is as simple as changing the battery. However, at other times, it may be complicated, thus requiring the services of an automobile locksmith. Getting a faulty car remote fixed at a dealership is also possible. But, compared to a locksmiths, the price and duration of the fix are usually higher in dealerships. With the services offered by Birmingham Locksmith Pro, you will get prompt and pocket-friendly fixes for your faulty car remote. We also offer key fob programming and car remote replacement. In case you need additional services, call us today.